To offer global access to critical climate discussions, we provided both online and in person programming to all attendees. Guests, journalists and featured speakers alike had the option of reducing their carbon footprint by participating virtually.

We believe no international news organization devotes more time, staff or resources to producing deeply reported coverage to help readers understand climate change than The New York Times. Our track record of investing in fact-based, deeply researched journalism uniquely positions us to facilitate conversations around climate change and to hold leaders accountable to their statements of intent with regard to action on climate change. We have been working closely with Climate Hub suppliers, artists, partners and producers to ensure they meet stringent requirements in relation to emissions, waste, transportation, local investment, provenance and social enterprise.


The New York Times Climate Hub was held at SWG3, a multispace venue located within walking distance of the SEC Centre where COP26 will take place. SWG3 has announced ambitions to become a carbon-neutral venue.


We have worked closely with all suppliers to ensure that, where possible, all source materials can be composted, recycled or reused.

Suppliers and provenance

The New York Times Climate Hub championed local suppliers and producers and, where possible, we sourced materials locally. Our on-site food and beverage experiences were hosted by Scottish restaurateurs, caterers and suppliers. Our production and design partners, Summerhouse Media and Reality Ltd are Scottish-owned and operated.

Materials used on-site

We are working to ensure all waste and materials used in the construction of the event will be reused or recycled where possible.

Local area impacts and social enterprise

For the past year, we have been working closely with community, business, education, arts, not-for-profit and third sector groups from across Glasgow and the wider Scotland region. These groups have helped advise us on programming and many were featured as part of NYT Climate Hub events and programming. The New York Climate Hub championed the Glasgow community, creative climate solutions and innovative small businesses from across Scotland, and we will be inviting education leaders to take part in Educate on Climate.

Legacy and forest

Working in close collaboration with forest architect Philip Jaffa and landscape specialist Scotscape, the 197 trees and plants used in Es Devlin’s “Conference of the Trees” installation will be selected to thrive once replanted in Glasgow following COP26.

Travel and transport

We encouraged all COP26 and NYT Climate Hub attendees to walk or travel by public transport where possible. Our venue at SWG3 is located within walking distance of the COP26 main conference center, and is a 20-minute train ride from Glasgow Central Station.