The New York Times Climate Hub Event Supporters will be bringing their communities and audiences to the event and generating their own programming outside of New York Times sessions.

Event Participants

The New Division

Event Branding Participant. The New Division creates tools that accelerate the transformation to sustainable business practices. We help you to advance your company’s position with the most engaging strategy, communication and activation. Our focus is to make complexity easy to understand. You have already seen our work; our copywriting and design for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals can be seen everywhere in the world. We have since expanded the system to include all 169 targets. This is where you find the real business opportunities for tomorrow.

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Digital Participant. Code and conspire by All Aboard

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Summerhouse Media

Event Management Participant. We design and produce extraordinary event experiences. Whether an intimate gathering or a major conference, we deliver creativity, content curation, outstanding logistics and production, tenacious attention to detail and exceptional results. We work collaboratively with brands and individuals globally to design experiences that engage audiences, sponsors and organizations, elevating the purpose of events to deliver beyond expectations.

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Kite Insights

Event Content Participant. Kite Insights is an agency focused on research-based content, learning and strategic engagement in the areas of climate and sustainability, gender and inclusion. We enable our clients to articulate and amplify their stance across multiple audiences and platforms. As content partner to The New York Times Climate Hub, we deploy our extensive experience to support the action needed to tackle climate change.

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Event Supporters

Channel 4

Channel 4 News is a multi-award-winning TV news program with a remit to produce high-impact, agenda-setting, investigative journalism, focusing on national and international issues and exposing wrongdoing no other broadcaster would. It is the biggest news program on social media in the U.K. and has 10 million social followers globally.

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Tortoise was founded in 2019 by James Harding, Katie Vanneck-Smith and Matthew Barzun with the aim of building a different kind of newsroom. It is based on a membership model and is committed to opening up journalism and giving everyone a seat at the table. The ThinkIn is the heart of its model — a forum for civilized disagreement where members take part in live, unscripted conversations that shape the way Tortoise produces its journalism. Tortoise now has 130,000 people in its membership community.

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The Conduit

The Conduit is a collaborative community of people committed to creating a just, prosperous and sustainable future. Our mission is to accelerate cross-sectoral collaboration and generate and scale solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Our members are entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, business leaders, activists, civil-society leaders and policymakers, who bring together knowledge, networks and capital for sustained positive impact.

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Global Canopy

Global Canopy is a data-driven not-for-profit targeting the market forces destroying nature. Nature loss and the climate emergency are twin crises. To tackle them we must shift the global system of trade and finance away from nature destruction and toward nature-positive activities. We provide open-access data, metrics and solutions so leading companies, financial institutions and governments can make better choices for our planet.

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an international charity that develops and promotes the circular economy in order to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution. We work with a network of private and public sector decision makers, as well as academia, to build capacity, explore collaborative opportunities and design and develop circular economy initiatives and solutions.

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Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a world-leading science research center and the most-visited natural history museum in Europe. With a vision of a future in which both people and the planet thrive, it is uniquely positioned to be a powerful champion for balancing humanity’s needs with those of the natural world.

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Voice For Nature

At Voice for Nature Collective, we promote a more positive relationship between humanity and the natural world. We collaborate with those whose bold ideas push beyond the confines of conventional thinking to have real and measurable social, cultural and environmental impacts on the planet. Our projects push beyond the traditional nature narratives, promoting and actioning positive environmental change toward global sustainability.

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University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is committed to sustainability and making our world a better place. Each year we tackle the greatest challenges of today for a better tomorrow. Each year is different; every initiative, strategy and plan aims for more understanding than the one before. Whatever it takes — whether it is researching climate strategies at our Centre for Business, Climate Change, and Sustainability and Edinburgh Climate Change Institute or contributing to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals — we will deliver positive change.

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WaterBear is the first network of its kind: a free interactive streaming platform dedicated to our planet. It does this through inspirational content, cutting-edge technology that facilitates action and through its global network of partners. WaterBear uniquely empowers viewers to take direct instant action to support N.G.O.s around the world and shape a better future for our fragile planet. Download WaterBear from the app store for free or head to our website.

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Content Contributor

CBI will produce the ‘'The Voice of Business” series within the general programming in The Forum. These sessions are not programmed by The New York Times.


Across the U.K., the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) speaks on behalf of 190,000 businesses of all sizes and sectors. The CBI’s corporate members together employ nearly seven million people, representing around a third of private-sector employees. With offices in the U.K. as well as representation in Brussels, Washington, D.C., Beijing and Delhi, the CBI communicates the British business voice around the world.

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