All sessions from The New York Times Climate Hub are now available to stream online free, allowing you to engage with our climate journalism anytime, anywhere. Here’s how you can watch the sessions.

What content are we streaming?

All sessions in our main editorial program, The Forum and our Educate on Climate program are available on The New York Times Climate Hub website.

Where can I watch The New York Times Climate Hub sessions?

You can watch all editorial sessions on The New York Times Climate Hub website, as well as on The New York Times Events YouTube channel.

Our dedicated streaming playlists on YouTube include:

  • The New York Times Climate Hub
    • Climate Hub | Think Tank
    • Climate Hub | Forum
    • Climate Hub | Educate on Climate
    • Climate Hub | Top Highlights

Do I have to pay to watch sessions online?

All sessions included in the main program, The Forum and Educate on Climate are available to watch on The New York Times Climate Hub website, free of charge.

Can I watch on my phone or tablet?

Yes, the website is compatible with all modern devices.

Is closed captioning available?

Closed captioning is available for a selection of our streamed sessions.

Do I need to register to watch the sessions?

No. You can simply watch on demand. If you’d like to find out more about our upcoming events, you can register for our mailing list here.

How will you use my data?

We store your personal information for as long as needed, or permitted, based on the reason why we obtained it consistent with applicable law. This means we might retain your personal information after the event has finished. Rather than delete your data, we might de-identify it by removing identifying details. Read more about data retention in our Privacy Policy.

How should I contact someone from the Climate Hub
Team if I have additional questions on how to watch
the sessions online?

If you have any additional questions about watching the content, you can email and we will do our best to respond.