Supporter session created by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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The Circular Economy Café by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Innovators - The Driving Force Behind a Circular and Low-Carbon Economy

Noon–1 p.m. G.M.T.
The Terrace
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Innovation is critical to transitioning to a circular economy and cutting 45% of emissions (to meet the 1.5 degree target) that come from the way we make and use products and food. Disruptive startups world-over are demonstrating viable business models that eliminate, circulate and regenerate: eliminating waste and pollution, circulating products and materials, and regenerating nature. Join us as we explore examples, discuss the opportunities, and ask what it will take to enable meaningful scale.

Complimentary snacks and beverages made of regeneratively grown ingredients will be served during Café opening hours of 10.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

This session has been developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It is not editorial content of The New York Times.