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The Voice of Business, presented by the Confederation of British Industry: Can I Have a Guilt-Free Holiday?

1:15–1:45 p.m. G.M.T.
The Forum

In this daily series, the Confederation of British Industry will bring the conversations happening in company boardrooms into people's homes. We'll ask the difficult questions that matter to citizens and communities across the world, like: Will tackling climate change cost me more money? Does protecting our natural world mean planting more trees? Can we really continue to shop and travel, while also reducing emissions? As we face the biggest challenge in our lifetimes, we want to show that international business leaders are ready and willing to take action and protect the planet for future generations.

Chair: Giles Whittell, World Affairs Editor, Tortoise


Rain Newton-Smith, Chief Economist, Confederation of British Industry

Jack McLaren-Stewart, Founder, Saorsa 1875 - the UK's First Vegan Hotel and National Geographic Prizewinner

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