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Talk Is Cheap. What Should C.E.O.s Actually Do About the Climate Crisis?

8:30–9:30 a.m. G.M.T.
The Warehouse

There’s no way to carbon neutrality without business playing its part, but what does that mean? Pledging net-zero emissions by 2050 is easy. Getting there is harder. Businesses need a new regulatory playing field that ensures they’re part of the solution rather than the problem, but also allows them to compete and grow. What is the C.E.O.’s role in resolving this tension? Is it enough to follow national guidelines and leave the big picture — on carbon pricing, for example — to government? Or should businesses be seizing the initiative, for their own good and the planet’s?


Giles Whittell, Sensemaker Editor, Tortoise

David Blood, Founding Senior Partner, Generation Investment Management

Fiona Howarth, C.E.O., Octopus Electric Vehicles

Rosemary Stark, Chief Sales Officer, Capgemini

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Watch 'Talk is cheap. What should CEOs actually do about the climate crisis?'