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“Going Circular” — Waste No More Time: A Deep Dive into Holistic Systems Change

7:30–10:30 p.m. G.M.T.
The Think Tank
Film Screening

The circular economy model, long championed by academic and institutional leaders, is now capturing the hearts and minds of business leaders and policymakers. But transitioning to a circular economy prompts a series of big questions. If circularity unlocks critical solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, why haven’t we all heard more about it? What would need to happen across different levels of international policy, business and social action to create ecological and economic benefits? Where does the responsibility for change lie, and how can we “sell” the shift to people in positions of power? How can people from all backgrounds contribute to the acceleration of systemic change?

A good place to start for this film about a circular economy is to rethink everything. This exclusive global green carpet premiere of “Going Circular” showcases a story that challenges us to reform our deepest ideas about what it really means to thrive as a species on Planet Earth by moving towards a circular future.

Directed by Nigel Walk and Richard Dale. Produced by Off the Fence for Curiosity Stream, ARTE and ZDF Enterprises in association with the WaterBear Network.

Please note that this session is ticketed and priced separately.