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All the Difference: Improving Our Systems From Within

10:15–11 a.m. G.M.T.
The Forum
Siemens Energy

While many climate innovators dream about the new, others consider the old, and how it can be improved to better prepare us for life on a warming planet. Decarbonization at the speed needed to remain under the 1.5-degree threshold requires adaptation within existing systems, alongside the development of more exciting moonshot climate innovations and business models. What does internal systems change look like, and how can we learn from successful intrapreneurs? What shifts can we expect over the next few decades, and where are the appetite, resources and political will for improving existing systems? What adjustments must be made to render our systems more efficient and sustainable, and what lessons can we apply to our future solutions?

This session has been curated in collaboration with The University of Edinburgh as part of the Climate Innovators Initiative, which involved a vetting process and selection of diverse climate innovators.