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Systems Change: Sustainable Innovations Powering the Great Transformation

5–5:45 p.m. G.M.T.
The Think Tank
Siemens Energy

It’s no secret that a transformation of models and mind-sets is needed to address the worst effects of our changing climate. Systems change — whether through the development of a large-scale grid for charging electric vehicles, or through service rather than ownership-oriented business models — is critical. From retrofitting to brand-new products and services, businesses that are ready to transform their business models are also creating more sustainable and inclusive value chains. How are grassroots innovators and organizations with proven inventions helping to accelerate systems-level change in our communities? How are existing innovations supporting progressive policy measures, and how can policymakers incentivize businesses to adopt sustainable solutions and models, while aligning with public policy goals?

This session has been curated in collaboration with The University of Edinburgh as part of the Climate Innovators Initiative, which involved a vetting process and selection of diverse climate innovators.