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Moonshot Inventions: Staying True to the Needs of People and the Planet

9:30–10:15 a.m. G.M.T.
The Forum
Siemens Energy

Only a fraction of what climate innovators are coming up with is being seen by the world. Whether these inventions appear too futuristic to be trusted, require more R&D funding and investment or simply have not yet entered mainstream climate conversations, businesses, investors and policymakers need to pay closer attention to their potential. Where are moonshot climate inventions most needed, and what sectors have the potential to draw down emissions most rapidly? How can policy urgently incentivize businesses and organizations to prioritize the development of solutions that support adaptation and mitigation efforts in the communities most impacted? How can climate finance most efficiently be directed toward these innovations? And, crucially, what resources are still required to realize the potential of innovations at both nascent and more mature stages of development?

This session has been curated in collaboration with The University of Edinburgh as part of the Climate Innovators Initiative, which involved a vetting process and selection of diverse climate innovators.